Our philosophy.
All kind of typefaces, even the modern digital types designed by a computer, are based on different styles of letters.

The link from painted, carved or engraved scripts to printed types, are particularly clear in the history of the evolution of the Latin alphabet and the contribution of scribes, calligraphers and designers.

The way of drawing the letters of ancient scribes has served as initial source of knowledge and inspiration for the development of typeface design today. Our courses link by means of observation and experimentation, the great works of the past with new forms of design and digital technology. 

Eurotypo is a group of multi-disciplinary designers who are interest in research, design and the education of the typography.


We are pleased to offer the following services:

Retail Fonts.
We develop new and original typefaces for both corporate and single customers of high quality font-software. All formal and technical aspects of our fonts are controlled in much detail: readability, visibility and its expressiveness.
Each of our retail fonts supports a wide range of languages and various OpenType features. Our fonts can be licensed in OpenType format for desktop, WOFF & EOT, and TrueType format for apps and ePub.

Custom Fonts & Lettering.
We offer to colaborate with independent designers, AD Agency or Design offices, to resolve their needs and provide the most suitable fonts solution.

Lecturing & Workshops.
We have lectured and directed workshops at the Architecture and Design, University of Buenos Aires. National University of La Plata. UNLa University of Lanús. ADG Asociación de Diseñadores de Madrid. University of Moron. I.E.D. Perugia. La Sapienza University and the University of Tor Vergata, Rome.