Designer: Alberto Di Santo
Year of issue: 2014

Alfina is a chancery typeface that shows a modern temperament, but is inspired by the eponymous town of Torre Alfina, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy, situated on the edge of the plateau Alfina, a few miles from of Orvieto. The place where is the castle is steeped in history. Its roots date back to the Lombard kingdom (seventh century); later it was under the rule of Monaldeschi (1200-1700) and more recently (1880) the property of the rich French banker Count Edoardo Cahen of Antwerp, who was responsible for the present aspect of the Castle.
Alfina has soft lines, very slender upper cases and thin overlapping strokes; The stylistic alternates are particularly important, and the type is enriched by many, different OpenType features.

OpenType Features:
Additional numbers
Glyphs 442
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