Thanks to these companies that have been licensed our fonts:
Maggie Nestle - Starbucks - Hallmark Channel- Norwegian Airlines - Lidl supermarkets - Carrefour - Apple - Sephora - Netflix - Avon Products Nickelodeon -MGA Entertainment - Asial Corporation - Tennis Australia Regina Folk Festival - Crush - Old Soul Bazaar - Future Brand -
Landor Associated - Alliance Residential - Hachette Livre.

Our fonts are applied in a wide range of utilities and visual media, such as: Logotypes and Visual Identity Systems. Packaging, covers books and large texts for reading, web pages, Ebooks, Apps, Epub, Advertising, signage sytems, greeting cards and graphic fashion applied to clothing.

If you have designed an artwork using any of our fonts, and would like to show it in this medium, please send us an image with the following information: Author, customer, year.
Font: Nabu. Client: Lidl Supermermarket. Packaging.
Typography exhibition:
Cada letra cuenta una historia - MUVIM Valencia.
Designers association of Madrid- El Matadero, Madrid, Spain.
Typography exhibition:
ZICH Scribvre. From old Etruscan inscriptions to the present.
Organized by Eurotypo. Santa Severa Castle, Rome, Italy.
Font: Nabu. Client: Lidl Supermarket. Advertising campaign.
Font: Nuit. Client: Sephora. ePub.
Font: Redbird. Client: Carrefour Supermarket. Retail
Font: Redbird. Client: Starsbuck. Packaging.