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Kira is a modern hand-painted script with an irregular baseline. Rough edges and imperfect lines give to this brush font a unique and trendy look. All glyphs have been carefully painted giving your words a wonderful flow. Fat and thin stroke in this font impresses the harmony.
Want to give your projects an organic, hand-painted look? Kira font contains 717 glyphs, with inky lines, and “perfect or imperfect” painted edges, including a few extra character alternates, stylistics and contextual alternates, swashes, stylistics sets, ligatures for a genuine hand-lettered effect.
This font includes OpenType features that may only be accessible via OpenType-aware applications, a Central European language support. To activate the optional glyphs you may click on Swash, Contextual, Standard Ligatures and Discretionary, Titling, or Stylistic sets buttons in any OpenType savvy program or manually choose the characters from Glyph Palette.
Bonus: 40 useful ornaments and a lot of catchwords that you use for the most demanding design project!
Kira looks lovely on wedding invitations, greeting cards, logos, business cards and is perfect for using in ink or watercolour based designs, fashion, magazines, food packaging and menus, book covers and more!

Designer: Carine de Wandeleer
Design date: 2010
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