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In the era of digital types, the round handmade cursive continues to intrigue many type designers, probably by their beautiful and graceful calligraphic origins. A traditional pen-formed script may be suitable for a wide range of fine graphic works.

“Predy” is based on 19th Century English handwriting pen. It is a connected cursive in the tradition of the “ronde”. His vigorous ascenders with loops are two times the lengths of the descenders with an extremely short x-high. The uppercase is a classical modern roman typeface that are accompanying with a set of accurate flourished capitals as alternates of calligraphic style.
This font comes with a set of decorative glyphs including old style figures, terminal letters, ligatures, alternates and swashes. Predy will lend elegance and sophistication to a wide variety of design projects like wedding, invitations cards, logotypes, packaging and posters.

Designer: Olcar Alcaide
Design date: 2014
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