Designer: Olcar Alcaide
Year of issue: 2019

In 1490, the style "Bâtarde" (according to the the French classification) began to be widely used in Germany with more rounded shapes and named Scwabacher (probably derived from the city of Schwabach, but not certified).
Fractur is a more condensed and narrower form than Schwabacher. This style is attributed to Johann Neudörfer of Nuremberg, cut in 1513; it was quickly imitated, therefore a few years later became to be a German national identity that extended over the next four centuries.
Despite having spent so many years and being a typeface not suitable for extensive reading texts, the Gothic Fractur has endured over time for possessing a strong and solid characteristic, as well as being closely linked to the spirit of gothic cathedrals of countries in northen Europe. In fact, it is probably that this expressive feature leads them to be chosen in the most varied graphic communication needs.
OpenType Features:
Additional numbers
Glyphs 397
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