Designer: Olcar Alcaide
Year of issue: 2018

That mixture of adventure and risk, dexterity of balance and speed, dynamism and forcefulness is what captivates the intrepid "hotdogger" when they perform ostentatiously their show, riding the crest of the waves. That set of sensations, the young audacity and the challenge of its aesthetic has inspired the shapes of these fonts.
Hotdogger is a family of cursive brush fonts, presented in two weights and completed with an useful pack of graphics to play with. Hotdogger fonts are specially designed for meal packaging and labels, advertising posters, lettering logos or whatever you may be looking for in expressive works.
Hotdogger contain full OpenType features and support CE languages.
Hotdogger Regular
Hotdogger Bold
OpenType Features:
Additional numbers
Glyphs 465
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Desktop License: 1 -5 user
One font: € 20.-
Family package: € 50.-
Hotdogger extras