Designer:Olcar Alcaide
Year of issue: 2014

The most notable characteristic of this typeface is that it has a compact and regular shape that is slightly condensed but fluidly connected. Its glyphs emulate the look of handwritten, inked characters.

Their exuberant graphic strokes and sharp edges maintain the influences of printed types produced by mechanical processes.
Unlike most of the italic type of today, the capital letters are as high as the ascending lower-case letters.

The brush script style (Originally designed in 1942 by Robert E. Smith for the ATF);
has inspired many contemporary typefaces, such as Wisdom Script, Mission Script, Marketing Script, Motion Picture, Thirsty Script, Lauren Script, Deftone Stylus and many others.
Ritts Cursive
Ritts Regular
OpenType Features:
Additional numbers
Small Cups
Glyphs: 442
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Desktop License: 1 -5 user
One font: € 50.-
Family package: € 190.-
Ritts Italic
Ritts Bold
Ritts Bold Italic
Ritts Shadow
Ritts Shady